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Welcome to Bodyworks Salon & Day Spa…

    helping you to take care of your most important investment–You!

  • by ensuring healthy hair, skin, and nails;
  • by enhancing your natural beauty;
  • by providing treatments that contribute to your overall health.

A full service salon and day spa offering the latest trends in hair fashion and spa treatments to help you feel rejuvenated, stress-free, and refreshed.

Here at Bodyworks, we hire only highly trained and skilled professionals. Because enhancing your health and natural beauty is our goal; most of our products are made from natural ingredients. So escape, relax, and enjoy.  You deserve it!

Gift cards are available at the Salon or can be purchased over the phone!

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    updo by Alexa Leonhard

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    Wedding and event Updos
    @[203423203036086:274:Bodyworks Salon and Day Spa] has an incredible team of specialists to help you amplify your natural beauty for any special occasion.
  • Making D, Vitamin D that is, is one of many tasks our largest organ does for us….

    Making D, Vitamin D that is, is one of many tasks our largest organ does for us. Our skin also protects us from infections and excretes toxins and wastes—a pound of them a day! We actually forget that our skin is our largest organ. We get frustrated when we get acne or razor bumps. We get irritated when it itches or is dry or scaly. We overexpose it to the elements, we burn it, we chap it and when it comes to treating and caring for it, we don’t make the time.

    Our skin is a reflection of what we put inside ourselves. As we head into a season change, we want you to consider being kind to your skin. Take time to replenish the vital nutrients you need to fight free radicals that cause cellular damage. If you are struggling with skin problems, we can help you keep your skin clear and glowing. Upcoming columns will suggest what to eat and not to eat to support your skin.

    Did you know: An unhealthful bacterium called candida can grow in the digestive tract. It can contribute to acne and other skin inflammations. Candida feeds off sugar but has a harder time living in an alkaline environment, created by eating more vegetables.

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